Editorial: Long shadows

POSTED: 05/3/12 4:54 PM

Bas Roorda may be no longer in the service of our government but he’s still casting long shadows over the goings on at the finance department he headed until he was unceremoniously fired last year for filing a complaint with the public prosecutor’s office about suspected embezzlement at the Tourist Bureau.

This time, Roorda reveals how the Finance Ministry circumvented public tender rules by granting an overpaid contract to a consultant without following proper procedure. The culprits he identifies will soon leave office – at least one of them – and the reaction to his story will most likely be a full-blown denial with a reference to an obscure article in the audit ordinance.

Still, these are exactly the practices that the government ought to get under control if it wants to come across as a credible guardian of the people’s finances.

Transparency and accountability are terms that come to mind. The rumored candidate for the top function at the Finance Ministry could make a fine job of it, considering that he comes from our General Audit Chamber.

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