Editorial: Long overdue

POSTED: 11/22/11 7:07 AM

At first glance it seems that the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association SHTA did itself a disservice by naming its own president Person of the Year at its Crystal Pineapple awards ceremony on Friday.
But Emil Lee, the award’s recipient, deserves this honor absolutely, and one could even argue that it is long overdue.
Over the years, Lee has proven to be a critical observer of developments on our island, but when he had something to say, it was always with the best interest of the local economy at heart.
Criticism does not always go down well with those who are at the receiving end, but when remarks are designed to arrive at better solutions it’s always better to listen and to act accordingly than to turn away. This is even truer when criticism comes from people in responsible jobs who could after all also opt to spend their free time with their families or on the beach instead of devoting it to unpaid voluntary functions.
In this sense the SHTA’s Person of the year belongs in the category of role models that our island badly needs.

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