Editorial: Little reassurance

POSTED: 09/27/11 1:20 PM

The presentations by the police and the justice minister in Monday’s Central Committee meeting likely did very little to reassure the public that the authorities are serious about dealing with crime. It is good to hear that work is being done to get the force the personnel and equipment it needs, but that is not going far enough.

While figures do not lie and we see now how truly taxed the force is, it is incomprehensible that the force is so reduced that basic controls and patrols are not possible, by at least a core group of officers. While we have no intent to debase the hard work that officers are doing on a daily basis, we do feel the need to point out that the desire to feel safe is outweighing the sense of empathy.

One must understand though that if society expects more from the police, we should also chip in to make their lives easier. For example, catching that ride in the gypsy or buying a flat screen off that friend of a friend that we hardly know.

We write about that higher standard for society not because we wish to inspire paranoia over what one picks from a friend, but to point out that unless we all pitch in to break the cycle of shady dealings, we’ll continue to deal with crime in many, if not all its forms.

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