Editorial: Life sentences

POSTED: 11/27/13 12:36 PM

All eyes will be on Solicitor-General Taco Stein this morning when he begins with the presentation of the case for the prosecution against seven defendants in the Vesuvius-case. Most of that attention will go to what this appeals process holds for the two main suspects – Omar Jones and Carlos Richardson.

Both men are fighting the life sentence that the Court in First Instance imposed in November of last year. Their thoughts are fixed on the Vinter-arrest from the European Human Rights Court – and for good reasons.

Vinter does not offer Jones and Richardson a get-out-of jail card but it certainly offers perspectives for the length of their stay in Pointe Blanche. The European Human rights court has ruled that life sentences are unconstitutional unless certain standards are met. The Constitutional Court of St. Maarten recently ruled that the legislation to guarantee the rights of convicts with a life sentence is not in place.

Now it is up to the prosecution to address these issues in the demands against these two men: life or thirty years? The court has the final say but as far as life sentences go this matter court very well be headed for the supreme Court in The Hague – no matter what the ruling is.

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