Editorial: License to steal

POSTED: 04/24/12 12:22 PM

Timeshare owners are getting more and more involved with the drive to regulate the industry and to protect their interests. As the article from Jeff Berger’s internet newsletter shows, these often wealthy vacationers feel left out in the cold: the government is only interested in collecting taxes, and the unions are only interested in protecting jobs. Nobody cares about the people who bring in all the money: the timeshare owners.

But they are now taking their fate in their own hands. There is endless litigation going on, but timeshare owners also have taken to discuss their situation with politicians. They made a painful point in a meeting with MPs Laville and James: developers are under the current rules holding a license to steal.

That’s not a pretty message, but surely one that deserves everyone’s attention. Timeshare owners are our most faithful visitors, but their patience is wearing thin. If nothing changes, many of them will turn their back on St. Maarten. And once they have taken that step, nothing will bring them back. Ever.

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