Editorial: Let’s build together

POSTED: 06/14/11 12:28 PM

Prime Minister Sarah Wescot-Williams has urged all of St. Maarten to support nation building. The call came Monday at a ceremony around one of the country’s key symbols – the flag.

The urging is one we repeat here because it will be so vital to carrying this nation forward. It is in the collective psyche of the residents of working and building together that we find St. Maarten’s best kept secret and ultimate weapon.

The one thing we fear though is that while moments like the Flag Day ceremony help to bolster that national pride, it all too often fades quickly and we begin pulling each other down. Yes we must be critical of the structure that helps to knit our country together, but we must use that critique to build our nation thereby making it better for us and the next generation.

The best way to keep any fire burning, including the one called national pride, we must reinforce at every occasion our core values and reflect on what the symbols mean to us. So each day, whether there is an event or not, let us each find a way to reflect on how this little country has sustained us and how we can contribute to ensure that it will continue to grow and provide opportunities.

The hoisting of the flag is one thing, but national pride is also reinforced by reading our books, listening to our music, dancing our dance and cooking and eating our food.


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