Editorial: Leadership (Silveria Jacobs to be NA leader)

POSTED: 03/30/15 12:53 PM

There is a new era around the corner in St. Maarten’s political arena. The announcement that Silveria Jacobs will be at the helm of the National Alliance come 2016 –given the approval of the party’s congress – indicates William Marlin’s imminent retreat from the prominent position he has held in local politics for decades.

Jacobs became the new star of the National Alliance during last year’s elections where she won by far the most votes for her party. As a former educator and a former Minister of Education, Jacobs has already made her mark in parliament during the past seven months.

It is obvious that, unlike some fellow-parliamentarians, she reads her stuff and she knows how to turn her innate curiosity into succinct questions. In that sense, Jacobs has already shown added value; she is a parliamentarian who speaks her mind.

The upcoming change of the guard at the National Alliance makes one wonder who else will take a step back to make place for a new generation.

These are interesting developments that hold a promise for the future – though new leaders like Jacobs will have to live up to that promise. It is easy to say that a government lacks leadership, but providing a better alternative remains a challenge for any politician.

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Editorial: Leadership (Silveria Jacobs to be NA leader) by

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