Editorial: Land debate

POSTED: 01/5/12 1:00 PM

Tax Attorney and Board member of the Board of financial supervision (Cft) BES Max Pandt has actually thrown out an interesting suggestion that we’re sure will inspire a hot debate in the country. For in the land where undivided property is still an issue, this suggestion is sure to make a lot of people sit up and pay attention.

The fact is until the moment where all or the majority of the heirs to the undivided land come forward and claim their little plot, the people who will be saddled with this burden is those that the government can find. That is not necessarily the departure from what is occurring now with the present tax structure where a cluster of people are carrying the majority of the tax burden. It also means that the potential yield from such a measure.

That concern stated one cannot dismiss Pandt’s suggestion though. It is something that should be considered especially considering that it might be a suitable punishment for those who hold on to family land, keeping it away from family members or blocking the government’s efforts to do needed infrastructure work. Maybe it will also wake some land owners up to the reality that they are letting a money maker languish and it’s costing them money to do so.

And even if it goes nowhere, Pandt’s suggestion is at least good for giving the nation the starting point for one of its central debates in the coming year as part of coming to a new tax system.

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