Editorial: Lame and indifferent (Timeshare legislation)

POSTED: 01/22/15 11:24 PM

It appears from a letter to the editor that timeshare owners already submitted their proposals for legislation to Prime Minister Wescot-Williams in 2011. Those proposals were ignored, but now the former prime minister who is currently the lone DP-member of Parliament has announced that its her faction’s “intention to pick up the draft timeshare laws and continue with the process.”

This makes it look like something is about to happen but we cannot help noticing that the attitude of the Parliament as a whole remains lame and indifferent to an issue that potentially has huge consequences for our economy and by extension for the wellbeing of our population.

During the Wescot-Williams cabinets nothing has been done to appease timeshare owners and suggestions these visitors contributed, have been ignored.

How much more business does the island have to loose before our decision makers finally spring into action?

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Editorial: Lame and indifferent (Timeshare legislation) by

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