Editorial: Justice

POSTED: 02/22/12 1:16 PM

Of all the stimulants available to consumers, alcohol is probably still the most accepted one. Smoking kills (but selling cigarettes remains legal), marijuana, cocaine and other mind-blowing products are addictive, but alcohol? Nah, don’t touch our glass of wine at the dinner table, or our beer after work.
But alcohol creates quite some havoc too: abuse leads to health problems, public nuisances, domestic violence and countless deaths in traffic. It also leads to absenteeism and productivity-loss, thereby damaging the interests of companies and the economy.

Our politicians seem to prefer championing the negative health effects of smoking a joint, but they should not make such an argument and at the same time ignore the devil called alcohol.
If it gets the nod of approval from parliament, the new penal code will come down hard on reckless drivers who are under the influence: the maximum penalty goes from 2 to 9 years. That does justice to the damage alcohol causes to individuals and to the community.

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