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POSTED: 07/12/13 1:06 PM

Not all court cases end badly for defendants, even though most trials have something in common: something bad happened.

That our justice system is fair appeared once again yesterday from court rulings from the Common Court of Justice.

In one case, the Court in First Instance sentenced a man for stabbing someone who had picked a fight with him in a drunken brawl. The Appeals Court saw things differently and, though the fact of the stabbing was obviously proven, dismissed all prosecution against him.

In another case, the Court in First Instance dropped the charges against a man for pelting someone he thought to be an intruder on his property with stones. This turned out to be a psychiatric patient who sustained serious injuries. The prosecution appealed, but the Common Court-judges stuck to the Lower Court’s ruling.

Then the accused went to court to claim damages for the ten days he had spent behind bars. The court awarded him yesterday financial compensation. It was not a huge amount, but it certainly was a gracious gesture towards someone who was caught up in the justice system under very unfortunate circumstances.

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