Editorial: It is not a funeral

POSTED: 07/30/12 1:44 PM

For years and years we have seen the same thing. Students head to the airport to head off to the Netherlands for their studies and we see the long tears and extended hugs. One would get the impression that the annual farewell is a funeral. Well guess what, it’s not.
While one can understand that people will be hurt by the separation that is to come, what the students are doing does not take them out of the reach of their friends and family forever. In fact with today’s technology, the students will be able to start sending messages home to reassure their friends and family that they’ve safely arrived in the land where they will embark on a new adventure.
In truth the annual departure should be a happy occasion where we celebrate the “best and the brightest” amongst us heading out into the world to acquire knowledge and then come back successful so they can take up positions in this society. So next year, let’s try for fewer tears and more smiles and looks of pride.

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