Editorial: Irony (St. Maarten elections)

POSTED: 07/21/14 2:15 PM

It’s election time again and boy do politicians think we have a short term memory. The recent statements by the DP leader about being against “one party rule” made us do a double take. What? Is this coming from the same party that has been in power for decades?

“One party rule” certainly wasn’t a problem then when the DP had a near monopoly on executive and legislative power during the days of the Island and Executive Councils. So why is it a problem now?

Under our system of representative democracy it is quite possible for one party, any party, to have an absolute majority. A majority government is also a democratic expression of a people, just as a fractured Parliament made up of smaller parties can also be a snapshot of the voters’ will. The choice belongs to the electorate, not to any party leader.

But this is the season, after all, for politics. And no doubt the rhetoric will ratchet up in the coming weeks to electrify the base. But still, we can’t help but find it ironic.


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Editorial: Irony (St. Maarten elections) by

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