Editorial: Interim-cabinet

POSTED: 09/25/12 12:25 PM

While St. Maarten is in shock over the King murders, an important development took place in Curacao where Governor Goedgedrag appointed a formateur to form an interim cabinet. While this cabinet in itself will not achieve great things in the twenty-odd days until the October 19 elections, the governor’s decision is a clear lesson in the rules of democracy that the ousted president of parliament so badly understands.

The view of the majority in parliament has to be respected at all times, is the message we read in the governor’s letter. Whether the people in Curacao understand this as well remains to be seen, given the fact that early polls indicate a strong preference for, of all parties, Gerrit Schotte’s MFK and Helmin Wiels’ Pueblo Soberano.

Curacao is not out of the woods. Not yet.

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