Editorial: Interesting situation

POSTED: 12/13/13 5:11 PM

The solicitor-general demanded a life sentence yesterday against Meyshane Johnson, the killer of Michael and Thelma King, in the face of a rapidly changing legal environment where the question whether life imprisonment violates the constitution has taken center stage.

The same fate awaits Omar Jones and Carlos Richardson – the two main suspects in the Vesuvius-trial.

No matter what the outcome of these trials will be, it is a given that the losing party will take the verdict to the Supreme Court in The Hague.

At that esteemed address there will be more at stake that just these life sentences; the recent rulings from our constitutional court may also come under scrutiny.

If the Supreme Court – around two years from now – rules that life imprisonment does not violate human rights, the Constitutional Court will have an interesting situation on its hands.

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