Editorial: Integrity

POSTED: 12/5/13 11:46 AM

Governor Eugene Holiday has launched the integrity commission he was ordered to by the Kingdom Decree of September 30. The governor has appointed the committee to spearhead the investigation and it’s filled with men of impeccable credentials, chaired by former Dutch Ombudsman Marten Oostings.

No doubt many people in the civil service will be paying keen attention to the developments in the upcoming months, and a few may even be nervous, we dare say.

For the average citizen, this is good news because everyone benefits from a country whose government is run ethically and in accordance with the rule of law, despite the protests from politicians about the trampling of St. Maarten’s right to manage its own affairs.

We should remind them that the island is not yet sovereign and still remains very much within the orbit of the Dutch Kingdom, and as long as that is the case, it will have to abide by the Kingdom’s rules and code of conduct.

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