Editorial: Integrity Quick Scan

POSTED: 10/16/13 12:59 PM

The announcement that the government is now suddenly interested in an integrity quick scan is remarkable to say the least, but the suggestion that such a scan would make the integrity investigation ordered by the Kingdom Council of Ministers obsolete is at this point in time at least questionable.

St. Maarten announced in The Hague that it will do its own integrity-investigation. The logical question consists of one word: why?

The contract with Transparency International still has not been signed and one must assume that the governor is going full speed ahead with the investigation he has been ordered to commission.

One may well wonder: what will a quick scan add to all this? The move has a high smoke and mirrors content and we don’t think the Kingdom is impressed. More importantly, citizens here at home won’t be impressed either. They have lived for too long with governments that are brilliant at presenting plans and rather inadequate at executing them.


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