Editorial: Integrity issues

POSTED: 07/29/13 6:22 PM

Prime Minister Wescot-Williams’ remarks about Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s suggestion  to Governor Holiday about an integrity-probe neatly coincides with statements Ronald Bandell, the chairman of the Progress Committee for St. Maarten, makes in an interview we publish today.

Rutte created the impression that St. Maarten does nothing – or at least not enough – about integrity issues, knowing very well that Wescot-Williams took the initiative to contact corruption-watchdog Transparency International and that the government is working closely together with the Integrity Bureau of Amsterdam on integrity programs for the civil service.

That does not mean that everything is perfect now. As Bandell put it: taking part in integrity programs does not make all participants integer.

St. Maarten may have a long way to go on its road to becoming a solid country, but the Netherlands is, in spite of its experience going back to 1572, still not capable of processing information about its overseas territories properly.

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