Editorial: Instruction

POSTED: 05/30/12 10:16 PM

Kingdom Relations Minister Spies sent a strong warning to the Schotte-government in Curacao yesterday.  The outgoing minister is not amused by the gaping hole in the country’s 2011 budget and she is apparently even less amused about the way finance Minister Jamaloodin intends to plug it.

Therefore, the minister is preparing to give Curacao an instruction to amend its budget. At least, that is what she said in answer to questions by VVD-MP Bosman.

That in turn begs the question why this announcement only comes after Bosman quizzed the minister about Curacao’s dire financial situation.

The next question is obviously which effect the minister expects from giving such an instruction. Does she really expect that the Schotte-government will roll over and comply? We’re not saying they shouldn’t but recent history offers little perspective for an obedient response to a Kingdom order.

When that situation arises, we wonder if the minister has an exit strategy and what that strategy entails.

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