Editorial: Inevitable conclusion (Prince Johan Friso)

POSTED: 08/13/13 2:06 PM

The death of Prince Johan Friso brings a tragedy that happened close to one-and-a-half years ago to its inevitable conclusion. After he was rescued from that avalanche in Lech the prince never stood a realistic chance of recovery.

His legacy is that of a member of the royal family who went his own way and who gave up his rights to the throne by marrying Mabel Wisse Smit. Friso may stem from a comfortable background, his study-achievements and the career path he chose were all of his own making.

He was an Orange-Nassau but he was first and foremost his own man. It is sad to note that this also became his undoing on that fatal day in February 2012 when he ignored avalanche-warnings and went on the ill-fated skiing trip that would mark the end of his life.

The loss of a loved one hurts all people in a similar way. That some cases get more attention than others is a fact of life, but that attention does nothing to ease the pain.

We wish the royal family much strength. The year that ought to be on the books as the year Queen Beatrix abdicated and Willem-Alexander became King will forever be overshadowed by the death of Prince Johan Friso.

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Editorial: Inevitable conclusion (Prince Johan Friso) by

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