Editorial: Incomprehensible

POSTED: 02/6/13 12:35 PM

A well-intended cleanup action on a piece of land across from the Blue Mall has yielded an embarrassing result: the destruction of the last Amerindian archeological site on our island.

That the community police took action to increase the safety for students who live in the area is of course commendable. That part of the story did not affect the archeological site anyway. That the property owner – one could almost say out of the kindness of its heart – decided to clean up the rest of the property as well falls in the same category. But that the owner now claims to be unaware that there was an archeological site at stake seems utterly incomprehensible.

We do not know how much is lost and whether there is any point to do a belated survey at the site. The owner could at least consider this.

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