Editorial: In time for Christmas

POSTED: 12/23/13 2:03 PM

Independent Frans Richardson launched his party yesterday but we cannot help wondering whether this is the same politician who tabled a motion in parliament about electoral reform in April. That motion contained the line “not to bribe, not to pay or accept cash, not to give or accept gifts and/or other tangible or intangible assets; not to provide preferential treatment.”

On Saturday, comedian Fernando Clark sent out an email with an invitation for the party-launch. That invitation contains the following line: “During the launch the MP will be giving away gifts (gift baskets, computers, cell phones, etc.) to members of the community, just in time for Christmas.”

Politicians like to point to the written law to justify their actions: everything that is not strictly prohibited is allowed under that approach. Maybe the MP found through market research or through previous experience that the electorate votes with its feet anyway. In that world a cell phone is apparently worth more than a good idea. Sad.

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