Editorial: Hurting ourselves

POSTED: 07/24/14 11:30 PM

The good news is that one of the suspects in a daylight robbery of a Front Street store in complete disregard and disrespect of the law and civil norms was arrested, sending a signal to other would be criminals that the police aren’t going to take this behavior lying down. You will be hunted, and you will be brought to justice.

But the other troubling part of this story is that there are still too many guns on our streets and in the hands of people with little regard for the law or an understanding of how socially and economically destructive their behavior is.

The Caribbean and Central America sport the highest crime rate per capita in the world according to the UN. They are also geo-politically insignificant in the wider world. We are small, incredibly vulnerable societies heavily dependent on tourism and foreign capital. The average American or European tourists are usually hard working people who save up their money to come on vacation. They don’t want to visit a place where the inhabitants think robbing people is a way to make a living. They will simply not come back.

And then what? Young men who commit these crimes are only hurting their own societies.

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