Editorial: Hunger strike

POSTED: 07/13/14 9:35 PM

Aruba’s Prime Minister Mike Eman has reverted to the near ultimate measure in an attempt to convince the kingdom that his island is entitled to decide about its budget without outside interference.

Until the budget is signed, or until I am no longer there: those were the dramatic words Eman spoke yesterday when he announced that he will go on hunger strike. The statement underlines that he means business. Don’t mess with Aruba.

The question is of course whether Eman’s hunger strike will turn out to be an effective pressure tool. Our guess is that the action has a fair chance of success.

When push comes to shove, The Netherlands nor Aruba’s governor can afford to let a politician lay down his life in a row over budget issues. That is ridiculous.

The sooner everyone comes to his senses, the better it is for Aruba and for the kingdom.

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