Editorial: How children change

POSTED: 02/13/12 2:56 PM

We learn from a report today that K.R. started his life at the Sundial School as a well mannered young man who got grades and who was obedient. We also see that along the way two significant things happened that turned him off his good path. The first is that he joined a gang and the second is that he developed a drug habit. Neither of these has proven to lead him to a good place.

We think that the revelations about the young man form a good case study for what is going in with our students and how we can begin to deal with that problem. We would suggest that other case studies be pulled together with this one in order to find any potential patterns of behavior. That will help to give a well researched picture of what is going on and potentially what interventions can be created.

Whatever recommendations that report comes to will take a concerted effort that begins in the home, continues at school, is picked by religious, cultural, social and sports organizations and supported by the business community. Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sport Dr. Rhoda Arrindell has made that much clear and we agree. After all it is our children, nephews, nieces, cousins and friends that need guidance. It is a national responsibility to ensure they grow up in a healthy way.

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