Editorial: Historic moment

POSTED: 06/29/12 12:59 PM

A historic moment it was indeed: the first report about a systemic investigation produced by the Bureau Ombudsman since its inception on October 10, 2010. Unfortunately this report, about perceived irregularities at the Cadastre is surrounded by the perception of other irregularities.
There is for instance the claim that the Cadastre did not want to cooperate, versus the Cadastre’s claim that the Ombudsman did not react to an invitation to visit its offices. Then there is the claim by the Cadastre that the Ombudsman abused her position to request the perusal of a file about a piece of land she privately owns.
In the background, there is the longstanding Cadastre’s claim that the Ombudsman does not have authority over its affairs and that it has no business doing the investigation it conducted. The cadastre proposed already in 2011 to take this matter to court, saying it would abide by any court decision. The Ombudsman did not accept this invitation either, but the Cadastre says now that such a court case could still happen. Maybe it should – if only for clarity’s sake.

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