Editorial: Higher taxes

POSTED: 04/23/14 10:41 PM

Newcomer Social Reform Party pleads in its political manifesto for “higher taxes on harmful products,” a strategy that is sure to backfire when voters have to make their choice on August 29. Even though this idea seems well intended it will never have any effect the party may have in mind. Higher taxes will simply put certain products out of reach for lower income earners, or it will inspire this part of the citizenry to cut down on other (and probably more useful) expenses.

The problem with the party’s manifesto is obviously that it does not define what exactly harmful products are, though tobacco and alcohol automatically come to mind as possible candidates. But what about, say fast food, red meat, motor bikes and fast cars?

We understand the direction party-leader Jacinto Mock wants to go, but announcing higher taxes without specifying the products will most likely not appeal to many voters.

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