Editorial: Higher powers

POSTED: 02/20/12 12:44 PM

If it is true what attorneys for the Workers Institute For Organized Labor stated in court on Friday that the Simpson Bay Resort is employing illegals via manpower agencies to replace the fired Wifol-members and that the labor inspection and immigration department so far have failed to initiate at least an investigation the impression that higher powers are protecting the resort will pop as a logical explanation into many people’s minds.

The key player in this unsavory affair is of course the resort’s General Manager Jules James, who also happens to be a Member of Parliament for the ruling United People’s Party.

On the political level James is damaged goods because he violated the constitution. The beleaguered MP keeps smiling but so far he has come up short with statements to defend his indefensible position.

In the business community James stands firm with his Belize-based financial backers, who flat-out refuse to present an accountant-verified report about their real financial situation. The unrealistically high interest the resort pays on its real estate comes across as a cunning way to siphon off money to Central America at the expense of local employment.

The resort could of course take all these negative impressions away by opening its books, or by giving its former employees their due.

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