Editorial: Here we go again

POSTED: 05/14/12 12:41 PM

Concerns about the way work on the causeway across the lagoon is done obviously create that here-we-go-again feeling.

It is that we have observant environmentalists on our island, otherwise contractors would simply do what they do best: ignore all those environmental demands hindering their projects and execute their project in the cheapest possible way.

Dumping sand and sludge in the lagoon without using silt screens violates a recommendation in Ecovision’s impact study.

The causeway will cause damage anyway, so the name is apt, but even Ecovision pleads in its report for keeping the damages to a minimum.

Dumping sand in the lagoon without the use of silk screens will damage the eco-system, while the work on the eastern side will deal a blow to the black mangroves the contractor has to cut through.

It’s up to our new government to keep an eye on the progress of this project and we sincerely wish that from here on things will be done by the book.

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