Editorial: Health insurance

POSTED: 07/29/14 7:11 PM

The National Health Insurance plan has been a bit of a running gag for at least the past five years. Now the Democratic Party proposes in its election platform a phased introduction if this system.

In March 2010, party-leader Wescot-Williams (then in the opposition), expressed her concerns that the NHI would not be in place by 10-10-10, the target date for country status.

In June 2011, the first UP-DP government announced that the implementation of the NHI – implementation date January 1, 2012 – had encountered a delay of three months.

In August of the same year, Public Health Minister Cornelius de Weever reconfirmed the delay, saying that the NHI would be implemented “at the right time.”

So far, that time apparently has not come yet. There was no progress under the NA-DP cabinet from 2012 to 2013 and the UP-DP cabinet that retook the reigns in May of last year has not made it happen either.

Now the National Health Insurance is back as an election promise – in stages.

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