Editorial: Happy meatless Sunday

POSTED: 11/25/12 8:13 PM

Some people are still processing their Thanksgiving turkey, or maybe even having Thursday’s leftovers for lunch this weekend. And here comes the commemoration of Sadhu Vaswani’s birth date and the call for a meatless day tomorrow.
Everything happens for a reason and this initiative could not come at a better time. The combination of Thanksgiving’s excess with a call for awareness about what we are actually eating.

The meat eaters among us ought to read what our Animals R Friends columnist Isa de Luca wrote last week about turkey. It is a bird capable of flying 55 miles per hour, and run at a speed of 25 miles per hour. Its life expectancy in the wild is about four years. The bird is also a bit of a cholesterol bomb: turkey flesh is brimming with fat and cholesterol.
The turkey that ends its earthly presence on the dinner table is kept on drugs to stimulate its growth and to keep it alive in filthy, disease-ridden turkey-farms.
Well, you get the picture. A happy meatless Sunday to all.

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