Editorial: Half the story (Patrick Illidge)

POSTED: 01/31/14 1:11 AM

Patrick Illidge is a free man again and his co-suspect in the Orca-investigation – Bada Bing owner Jaap van den Heuvel – was immediately at hand to shine his light on the situation.

It seems indeed odd that the two suspects have undergone such a different treatment. We have not been able to verify Van den Heuvel’s statements yet, so we take them at face value.

Why indeed would one have to surrender his passport and not the other? Why keep one suspect in pre-trial detention and save the other one that particular embarrassment?

We will not hear anything about these issues from the prosecutor’s office because, as the brief press statement about Illidge’s release emphasized – it will give no further comment on the case while the investigation is ongoing.

That is a pity, because now readers will have to satisfy themselves with only half the story.

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