Editorial: Guns again

POSTED: 10/3/12 12:51 PM

United People’s party MP Jules James is seriously concerned about Justice Minister Roland Duncan’s gun policy. He is a firm opponent of people walking around with guns – especially when those guns are loaded and even more especially when the permit holder is called Romain Laville.
All this is understandable, given the fact that Laville threatened James in June in front of the parliament building. It goes to show that when a subject becomes personal for a politician, he will spring into action – and rightly so.
Remarkably, Duncan says that he has answered the questions James has put to him, but somehow the answers never reached the MP. Ought to be easy to hit a few keys and resend the stuff, but apparently that has not happened so far.
We’d think that in a small community like ours such communication break downs are easy to fix.

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