Editorial: Good move

POSTED: 08/1/13 12:58 PM

Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake showed what he is made of after he discovered that a contractor started work on the Foga infrastructure project without valid permits and while there is no budget available to pay for the work.

The 6-million guilder project was apparently granted to the contractor on the last day Lake’s predecessor William Marlin was in office, even though there were no funds available for it.

Minister Lake has put a stop to the work and he announced a review of the process that is used to award projects. In the letter he wrote yesterday to his Secretary-General Louis Brown, the minister did not mince his words.

The contractor is of course caught in the middle with what now appears to be a worthless awarding-letter. That is sad, but at the same time contractors ought to know what paperwork they need before they start to execute a project.

Minister Lake made a good move. The last word has not been spoken yet about this remarkable affair.

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