Editorial: Good Move

POSTED: 05/15/14 12:54 PM

The recent move by the local Chamber of Commerce director to arrange a meeting between the academic dean of USM Dr. Francio Guadeloupe and Dr. Robertico Croes of the University of Central Florida was a good one. For too long USM has been neglected by successive governments who’ve usually paid lip service to ensuring its survival as a viable community oriented university.

Tourism is our life blood, and the initial intention behind the founding of USM was to create a school where students could pick up real world skills that they could apply in the tourism industry, and so gain meaningful and sustainable employment in the local labor market.

Partnering with a tourism expert from an academic institution focused on developing and student’s enhancing hospitality and service skills can only be considered a good move and one that should benefit USM, and the island’s tourism industry, immensely.

The partnership goes back to the spirit of USM’s original founding philosophy, and we can only hope the university receives the support it deserves.

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