Editorial: Giving burglars a second chance

POSTED: 02/2/15 1:17 AM

Is it right to give young burglars who wreaked havoc in a supermarket in St. Peters a second chance? The court seemed to think so yesterday and the young burglars almost high-fived each other in front of the judge after it became clear that they would soon be home.

True, they have a sentence to their name, and they have to pay a sturdy amount of money in damages, but the impression they gave was very much that they had just defeated the system.

Court rulings of this nature are a reason for concern – or at least a reason to remain alert – given the fact that the prosecutor’s office has no idea – according to a report by the Law Enforcement Council – whether people who have been sentenced to pay damages to their victims indeed stick to their word.

The three youngsters would do well to make good on their promise and the prosecutor’s office would do equally well by keeping an eye on the execution of this verdict.

Nothing is more frustrating than getting your rights in court, only to discover later that it did not really mean anything.

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