Editorial: Getting up to par

POSTED: 04/17/12 2:55 PM

Two stories we run today show that the country’s justice chain is still not where it should be and there is a need for those in charge to continue to crack the whip and ensure that things continue at a fluid pace. Being expedient though should not come at the cost of quality both in the recruitment and the execution of investigations.

The country’s new solicitor general Taco Stein will no doubt be able to call on the assistance of other colleagues. He’s also know to be an astute person who can multi-task and start and finish work. We think it critical though that he still gets some support so that he’s not overtaxed by his workload. Let’s be honest: a tired man does not produce quality results and is ill-equipped to carry out his function. Thus getting Stein the help he needs will allow him to optimally execute his task in the benefit of the country.

The fact that the Office of Public Prosecutor is only now starting its investigation into the embezzlement case at the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau is also not good and the fact that there’s a lack of financial experts to conduct the investigation points to another dire need, not least of all because those who are suspects finally want some clarity on this matter. Let this not be another case that starts and lingers forever.

We understand that running a justice chain is complex, but a little more urgency would be in everyone’s benefit.

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