Editorial: GEBE situation terrible

POSTED: 09/1/11 2:15 PM

Yes, the situation at GEBE is terrible, but nobody seems to be able to do something to improve it. The past years have been spent on finger pointing, and on attempts to make managing director William Brooks go away.
When that did not work, Brooks’s opponents decided to simply wait until his contract expired. But with Brooks on the way out, power outages remain part of our reality. With Brooks on the way out, the company still has not solved its problems in terms of water loss on its distribution network.
Soon we will hear that it will take time to achieve results – which is exactly what Brooks has always been saying as well.
In other words, we do not think anything will change – not for the worse and not for the better either.
Minister Heyliger had some threatening text for the company but that will not impress anybody – and it will also not contribute to better service.

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