Editorial: Funding Locally

POSTED: 08/19/11 12:17 PM

The St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association and the Victorious Living Foundation have offered another clear example of how non-governmental organizations can attract structured funding for their programs and projects. The other example is the partnership between the St. Maarten AIDS Foundation and the Scotia Bank, where a model has been found to allow structured funding.
It is clear that the basis of both the latest initiative and the Stronger Together campaign is solid programs and projects that meet a core need of our nation’s population. The vision in both instances is clearly articulated and the target groups are specific and visible. This makes it easier for a company to understand that it is not simply putting money into a foundation for the sake of donating to charity, but as smart businesses, they make an investment to achieve a concretely better society.
These two partnerships buy valium legally also highlight that is very important that those who work on social issues, can and should look at the resources available in their own country as a viable means to do their work. A similarity between these two initiatives is $1. Hotel guests have given one dollar per night they stay and those who buy red ribbons donate at least $1 per ribbon. This money, generated here, then benefits organizations here and that cyclical funding is one that will likely never stop.
External funding agencies continue to be necessary, because they are able to draw on far more people giving a little to add up to a lot, but there is no doubt that the drops in the bucket that come from here at home give us the space to keep base services going as we endeavor to do so much more.

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