Editorial: Fugitive Kathron Fortune on the run: Worrisome

POSTED: 03/21/16 7:27 PM

That convicted killer Kathron Fortune is still on the run is worrisome for more the obvious reason. There have been so-called ‘sightings’ of the fugitive on a motorbike (without a helmet) and there has been a sighting in French Quarter. So far, Fortune remains on the lam.

One may well wonder whether the man is still on the island; if this is the case he is still a virtual prisoner because his movements will be extremely limited. Nobody wants to spend the rest of his life that way and we figure that Fortune is no exception.

If he is still here, he must have help from others – people who do not want or who do not dare to go to the police. That is understandable, because who dares offending a guy who has shown that he is prepared to kill?

Until he is recaptured – which will inevitably happen – the streets are not exactly safe, certainly not for young women.

The only ones in a position to end this situation are those who are harboring Fortune but that will take guts – a lot if it,

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Editorial: Fugitive Kathron Fortune on the run: Worrisome by

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