Editorial: Fresh air in local politics

POSTED: 06/24/14 1:46 PM

The candidacy of Emil Lee on the list of the Democratic Party is right now just that – a candidacy. But Lee has already brought his flavor of accountability and integrity to local politics before the first ballot has been cast.

Long before he made his candidacy or the party of his choice officially public, Lee stepped down as the president of the St. Maarten Hospitality and Trade Association.

Yesterday he announced a strong position on open government and open government-owned entities. Another  of Lee’s favorites is the publication of bus and taxi licenses – something that would indeed be a huge step in the right direction.

Best of all however, Lee revealed a non-negotiable issue he had brought to the table in his discussions with the DP. He will not accept being on a list with candidates that have integrity-issues.

There was no need for Lee to identify the candidates he does not wish to be associated with – everybody knows who they are.

Topping off the presentation was the announcement that DP-candidates will sign a pledge that, amongst other things, includes a promise not going independent after the elections. Time will tell what the value of this pledge is, but for now this feels like another breath of fresh air.

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