Editorial: Free Market healthcare

POSTED: 02/2/12 2:28 PM

News that the government has already concluded at least one letter of intent for a new private medical facility and is reviewing the possibility to sign with a second group shows that the prevailing attitude is that something as sacred as healthcare is up to free market policies. That is a bad thing because ultimately it is those who must access healthcare that will suffer.
It is a fact that this country already has one privately owned tertiary medical institution, many primary health care providers – house doctors – that are also business men at the same time and no secondary medical facility – clinic that is staffed with doctors hired by the government. Adding potentially two new private facilities will in our view only complicate further people’s ability to access care – especially at the tertiary level. It also creates a bit more headache for government regulator as each of these facilities will now be lobbying for particular tariffs to ensure they make profits. The matter of regulation and quality assurance is also a headache that the government is creating for itself by continuing allow private individuals to dominate in this sector.
Curacao is giving fitting example of the right model to follow by partnering to build their own hospital. This is a good stage for government here to step back, truly weigh the pros and cons and choose instead to find partners to help build a hospital that will be subject to government and allows the administration to assure the population they’ll get a basic level of service.

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