Editorial: Formation

POSTED: 06/12/13 1:13 PM

Governor Holiday granted formateur Wescot-Williams an additional three days on /Sunday, so by tomorrow we should know what is what on the road to the third government in 32 months since St. Maarten became an autonomous country.

All eyes are obviously on MP Romain Laville, the man who brought down the previous government and who saw himself as the next Minister of Economic Affairs. If he indeed failed the screening, as rumors have it, he will remain in parliament, and UP-leader Theo Heyliger will stay home.

From his seat in parliament Laville will hold the fate of the new government in his hands. Not a pleasant idea – at least not for the parties that form the new government – but that’s the way it is. The fact that the formation is moving forward is – by the way – a clear signal that the cry for dissolving the parliament and the call for interim elections has fallen on deaf ears in Harbor View.

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