Editorial: Following the guiding principles

POSTED: 01/4/12 12:06 PM

Justice Minister Rolando Duncan will probably liken this newspaper to some of the civil servants he has issue with because we point out that he has decided to give an instruction or set up policy without following the complete legal process. We know this because the minister went on record twice last year to complain about civil servants who are not flexible and who rigidly hold on to procedure.

Of course we will stand with the civil servants, because what all people in public office need to remember is that procedures exist for a simple reason: Ensure that each person carries out their task in the right way and in the means they have been assigned. That really is not so hard to accept, now is it?

So yes it is unfortunate that the minister chooses to shred the law on publication and entry into force so that he can move forward with the policy that he handcrafted and took through the consultation rounds. Mind you that consultation came under a bit of pressure from this newspaper.

In the grand scheme of things what seems like a minor issue in terms of procedure right now is really actually a huge issue. Because if we skip little steps now, what major rule will be shoved aside or is being shoved aside to accomplish one goal or another. Yes government must work and be efficient, but it must also hold fast to the guiding principles laid down for it to follow.

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