Editorial: Fix the problems

POSTED: 11/15/12 1:17 PM

Economic Affairs Minister Romeo Pantophlet had plenty to complain about during yesterday’s press briefing: low productivity at the Department of Economic Affairs, and inefficiency, red tape and bureaucracy in the government.

Cynical observers might ask: what else is new? But the issue is of course that the minister complains without indicating clearly what he will do to tackle the real issue.

Is hiring more people the answer to a high level of absenteeism and what the minister labeled as “so-called sickness”?

We think that this is more like putting a plaster on a broken leg. If absenteeism is such a problem it warrants an investigation into the reasons behind it.

Acknowledging that there is a problem is a good first step – and Minister Pantophlet has done just that – but this needs a thorough follow up.

The government employs more than 1,600 civil servants and tax payers provide their salaries. Civil servants have an almost over-protected position in the job market but there are limits.

Find the causes, fix the problems and send profiteers on their way.

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