Editorial: Fishy

POSTED: 09/28/12 12:36 PM

The last word has not been said about the plans the American Clinic has for playing a major role in the development of medical tourism on the island. From all the information we have seen so far it appears that St. Maarten Medical Center Director George Scot does not trust the Americans – going as far as labeling the initiative fishy – while the driving forces behind the project exude a certain level of openness.

As these things go there are of course still plenty of unanswered questions about, for instance, the project’s financing. As long as the air is not cleared between the American initiators and the hospital we foresee quite some trouble ahead.

We’re not able to put our finger on it, but our gut feeling tells us that when one party is willing to work together and the other party is not, the odds are on failure.

It is therefore time to put all the cards on the table, to remove the cobwebs, to send egos on an extended vacation and to work towards that sometimes so elusive common goal called the interest of the people. There is nothing fishy about that.

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