Editorial: Finally investigating the vote selling scandal

POSTED: 02/7/13 12:54 PM

The National Detective Agency aka Landsrecherche has finally set its teeth in the vote-selling scandal that dates back to before the 2010 elections. Half the file has been ready for a time (the story for the police officers and the VKS-er who sold their votes), but now investigators are working the other end: the buyer.

Ever since the story broke in 2010 it has been established that the sellers took their pledge to the United People’s party of former Vice Prime Minister Theo Heyliger. That was also the main reason for many people to think that nothing would ever come of the investigation.

But now suspects investigators have linked to the UP vote-buying scheme are under interrogation. No names have been divulged but it stands to reason to assume that the party leader – Theo Heyliger – will sooner or later come in the line of fire.

It is about time to clear up this mess and to bring the full story to the electorate’s attention. After all, as our politicians always love to say: the people have a right to know.

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Editorial: Finally investigating the vote selling scandal by

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