Editorial: FBI assistance in King murder case

POSTED: 09/27/12 11:57 AM

Police and prosecutor’s office have accepted the help from the American Federal Bureau of Investigation in the Michael and Thelma King murders.

This will without any doubt raise some eyebrows, and not all for the same reasons. The prosecutor’s office has indicated that possibly investigation in the United States is necessary and this seems to indicate that there is more to this double murder than meets the eye.

The suspect is not cooperating with the investigation – at least he is exercising his right to remain silent at the advice of his attorney. From that end the American angle to the investigation cannot have surfaced.

The FBI’s interest in the murders could simply be inspired by the fact that the victims are American citizens – and that would be that. The question is of course: why get involved if there is already a suspect in custody?

That fuels thoughts about other reasons that remain under the surface for the time being, though we have no doubt that the truth will become public sooner or later.

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