Editorial: Farming

POSTED: 07/4/13 3:00 PM

Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake has thrown his support behind the development of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery.

It makes of course sense: growing your own food is one way of self-support that has been neglected in St. Maarten for too long. It’s not that we are totally without farmers – Bushman and Joslyn Richardson are two fine examples – but on the political level it seems that there is more interest in tourism than in developing any alternative that could broaden the basis of our one-trick pony economy.

Richardson could tell stories about how to make a nice cheap valium uk additional income from growing one well-chosen crop on a small plot of land. There is a demand for fresh produce – in supermarkets, restaurants and resorts – and where there is demand there are opportunities.

Farming may not be as jazzy as information technology or internet security, but without it, all those whizz kids would certainly have a hard time filling their bellies.

Anguilla has understood this like no other: Farm Now or Die Tomorrow is the slogan on a billboard in front of the country’s Ministry of Agriculture. Something to think about.

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