Editorial: Failure

POSTED: 07/25/13 1:07 PM

Finance Minister Hassink announced yesterday that the amended 2013 budget will be ready for approval by the parliament by the end of next month, or at the beginning of September.

The minister inherited a flawed budget and he has to deal with it. And while Hassink noted yesterday that the budget is the responsibility of all ministers, the flawed version is as much the responsibility of the parliament that approved it.

This indicates that our parliament does not function properly – at least not yet. A critical parliament ought to scrutinize draft budgets and pinpoint its weaknesses.

The failure to do this has saddled the country once again with a situation whereby the budget might finally be approved by the time the year is almost over.

Minister Hassink has committed himself to do a better job with the 2014 budget. If he pulls that off, he deserves everybody’s respect.

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